Businesses that partner with Purple get noticed. Our success is your success, whether it’s bringing an initiative to life, fostering effective investor relationships, being heard by government leaders or achieving company growth.

But we don’t just charge at the challenge, we start with strategy.

Why develop a communications strategy?

Every client goal starts with an idea, a vision of what they want to achieve and — sometimes — an idea of how they will get there.

But taking a moment to refine this vision into a strategic plan is a critical step to success.

We bring a strategic communications lens to every challenge: corporate transactions, leadership changes, workplace restructures, profile raising, issues management or any other major goal you want to achieve.

Our tailored strategy workshop approach is designed to clarify goals and priorities, then develop the tactical approach needed to see the project through. The better the strategy, the more successful the implementation, and the greater the opportunity to achieve your goals.

Broad or narrow?

We are often asked what kind of strategic advice we deliver, and the answer starts with what you need to know.
For some organisations, with a well-defined corporate strategy, we work to build out specialist areas in more depth, such as developing a brand strategy or content strategy.

For others, with specific goals, the focus could be in investor relations strategy or a stakeholder engagement strategy, each with their own specific areas of communications required.

We use this approach for clients in areas as diverse as property and constructioneducationmining and resourceshealth and aged caregovernment agencies, technology and tourism — and we do that because it works.
If you are unsure what might suit you best, have a chat to one of our Directors about the options that are available and how a broad or niche communications strategy could support your goals.

Don’t neglect the tactics

Of course, a strategy without a tactical plan achieves little.

Once we’ve helped you refine your destination, Purple’s team will provide the tactical options that will deliver on this objective most effectively.
Our tactical approach for communications is informed both by experience and by evidence. We monitor and measure what works, we test and experiment before we deploy, and we know what factors must be in place for an approach to deliver success.

Implementing a communications plan

Talk back radio or TikTok? Presentation or poster? News or expert views? Industry publication or major outlet?

Some agencies take a templated approach to implementing a communications plan, but not us. We draw on best practice, we build a plan that is tailored to your goals, and we create the content, collateral and channel mix that you need.

Purple has delivered content in every style imaginable, including:

  • Websites
  • Bespoke content hubs  and curated article collections
  • Media releases
  • Themed content packages
  • Social media content
  • Podcasts and supplied audio/video for television
  • Articles placed in mass media and trade publications
  • Opinion pieces and editorials
  • CEO videos., social videos and explainers
  • Infographics, animations and interactive digital applications
  • Annual reports, booklets, white papers and flyers
  • Posters, booths, wraparounds and billboards
  • C-suite presentation materials, board papers and webinars
  • Executive speeches and video scripts
  • Award entries, newsletters, client databases.

Talk to us about what we can do for you.


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