What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is the number 1 global display ad network reaching over 90 percent of internet users. It can be an extremely effective tool for ensuring your organisation gets noticed by the right people.

Making best use of GDN requires a strategic approach, an understanding of what type of advertisements work best on which websites, and an ability to interpret data and to adjust your approach as necessary.

Purple’s digital team is made up of experts in planning, executing and managing campaigns on the Google Display Network, giving you access to the knowledge of a Google ads marketing company.

Why use it?

Using GDN can easily expand your campaigns across devices, reaching specific audiences across the web. Purple is the google ads company to advise your organisation on the Google Display Network.

As a specialist google ads marketing agency, we’ll assist you reach your customers across all screens, mobile, tablet and desktop at the right time, and in a way which is effective. Our Google ads experts can also help you promote your brand in the correct format on the most appropriate platforms through an understanding of audience targeting and optimisation.