When considering brand strategy, it’s worth noting that corporate brands are different to consumer brands and require experience and insight to create the right “feel”.

As a brand strategy agency, Purple has 15 years of experience designing, developing and launching corporate brands in the resources and energy, education, property, and health and aged care sectors, and for professional services.

Corporate brand purpose

As Perth’s number 1 corporate branding agency, we assist organisations to uncover, clarify and distil their brand purpose – the “why”- that will drive their branding, their communications and their wider business strategy.

Brand identity and positioning

We audit the personas of clients’ audiences and competitors to find the most effective brand propositions and personalities for that organisation.

Corporate branding hierarchy

For organisations with different products, business arms or propositions, we also help identify the right brand-hierarchy solution, and develop the strategy to maintain or build brand equity.

Brand refreshes

Older brands don’t always need recreating. Sometimes a more subtle refresh is a better solution, one that reflects the changes in your business, purpose or market.

Get your brand working for you

As a corporate branding company, Purple has a long history of brand identity and branding design with more than 15 years’ experience developing, creating and launching corporate and professional services brands.

Diagram demonstrating branding strategy

Design based in expertise and experience

Our agency includes a team of brand and design experts, led by Art Director Adam Elovalis. We focus on corporate and professional services branding, a niche not offered by most agencies, and one that requires a specific set of skills and a unique understanding of the business and corporate landscape.

Our proven model for brand creation has informed company names, brands and campaigns across Australia, and our process can include company and brand name ideation, logo concepts, brand use examples, style guide creation, asset design, and corporate stationery development.

A proven process for brand building

The process begins with an education and understanding session, an important part of what can be a hugely subjective activity, and which ensures your decision-makers have the language and framework to explain what your business stands for. Next comes name or logo ideation and concept development, before finally we deliver your new brand, use guidelines, and style guide so your organisation fully understands how to maintain clear, consistent visuals regardless of the communication.

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind”
Walter Landor


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Design Manager

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Adam Elovalis

Art Director

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Glenn Langridge

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