Few things in business are as important as getting your brand in front of the right people. But how are you keeping abreast of what these people are saying about your brand online or what your competitors are saying?

Purple’s IntelEcho media intelligence platform helps you manage your brand’s online health by sifting through billions of social media posts, print articles and broadcast clips in real-time, capturing what is being said so you know who is talking about your brand. As a brand tracking specialist agency, we will help your organisation track and monitor brand mentions, analyse the captured data, respond to and share mentions, and provide you with the tools to benchmark your brand against your competitors.

Track and Monitor

Purple’s IntelEcho platform helps you track brand mentions, mentions of named executives, campaigns and associated hashtags. As an agency which specialises in brand tracking, we use keywords that relate to your organisation and expertise, helping you understand what is being said about you across multiple channels.

Analyse and Report

Utilising IntelEcho’s insights, and our brand-monitoring experience, we build shareable dashboards showcasing high-level trends that highlight your brand health. Our team of data specialists work with you to select the metrics that matter most to your organisation and customise dashboards to your specifications. If longer term trends re important, we also provide quarterly analytics and insights reports which reveal the patterns behind the media behaviour in relation to your organisation, data which should inform communications and engagement strategies.

Respond and Share

IntelEcho’s brand monitoring service will assist you to understand what is driving the narrative in the media and on social channels, and identify key journalists and social influencers who could help tell your story. Armed with your data, confidently reach out to journalists directly, distribute news releases, and keep your employees informed by sharing the most relevant content that mentions your brand.

Competitive Benchmarking

The strength of your brand is relative to that of your competitors. Use Purple’s IntelEcho brand monitoring to build searches on your competitors and compare the results to your own organisation. Rich share-of-voice analytics provide insights into your relative performance and uncover opportunities for future improvement.


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