Getting your communications right this Christmas

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Purple 13 Dec 2021
2 mins
Christmas tree with decorations

For most companies, Christmas can feel like the final sprint to a well-deserved break. But don’t be fooled into thinking your communications can take a holiday over Christmas – clear and frequent communication over the break can lead to some jolly results in the new year.   

We called upon a few of our experts to share their top tips and tricks for handling the lead up to the festive season, and to discuss how you and your team can maximise your engagement over the break. 

Spreading Christmas C.H.E.E.R

Digital Account Manager, Cameron Wong says the secret to successful Christmas content being clear in your messaging and communicating often with your audience. 

“The Christmas period is all about spreading C.H.E.E.R – Clear messaging, Helpful content, Existing content, Extending capability and Relaxing!” 

Your audience has more time than ever  

Just because your office has closed its doors for a couple of weeks, doesn’t mean your audience has stopped scrolling through their socials 

Director of Digital, Glenn Langridge said the worst mistake you can make is going to zero.  

“It’s important to keep sharing content during the break. Keep your brand messaging consistent and it will be top of people’s minds when they return to the office.”   

If your message hasn’t got what it takes, take a rain check  

It’s a familiar trend to see companies all over the world rushing to hit their KPIs and share their big updates just before the Christmas shut down. 

This makes it very easy for your content to get left behind in overwhelmed newsfeeds.  

Associate Director, Wendy Pryer suggests you save your big announcements to the new year.  

“Keep the Christmas period for highlighting the great things about your brand and the achievements of your staff throughout the year. There will be plenty of time for the big stuff around mid-January during the quieter period.”  

Use Christmas as a chance to refocus  

Has your brand drifted away from where it was in the early months of 2021?  

Art Director, Adam Elovalis said this time should be used to reflect on the year. 

“The December/ January period can be a great opportunity to reflect on whether you’ve gone off path from your plans in the beginning of the year and get planning for what your brand will look like in 2022.”   

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