Unlock data-driven insights to inform business decisions and strategy through tailored media monitoring with Purple’s Media Intelligence service.

Purple has been providing media monitoring services to clients for 20 years, long recognising the impact that public commentary – be it editorial or otherwise – can have on a brand.  

Media monitoring and the inherent data intelligence which sits behind it, should underpin and enhance reputation and brand management. It can facilitate a deeper understanding of the impact of print and online editorial, broadcast, and social media publicity – whether positive or negative. 

About our media monitoring service

Our Media Intelligence service collates your brand’s media coverage into an easy-to-read daily digest, so you can see at a glance where you’ve been mentioned. Our offering includes monitoring for news mentions across print, online and broadcast media, with the ability to also track public social media commentary. 

Why media monitoring matters for your business

As technology advances, media clipping from a modern media intelligence company is so much more than just a scrap book of company mentions. The tools now available can also track sentiment, volume, competitor activity, reach, and can even act as an early warning system for issues. News tracking can now be aligned, not just to brand mentions, but also your risk register, competitor brands and executive team members. 

Monitoring your brand mentions will also help you minimise the risk of negative coverage or commentary going unnoticed, or worse – escalating to a crisis scenario. 

Purple’s Media Intelligence service is an effective solution for understanding the conversations about you, your business, your people, and your sector, regardless of where they are taking place. 

The data behind your media presence

Media Intelligence is more than just newspaper monitoring, we can also unlock deep insights from your news mentions. 

Our tools allow us to review volumes, sentiment and geographies, to give you a better understanding of the data attached to your media mentions. These insights can be even more useful during or following a planned campaign or media release to measure impact and engagement. 

Crisis media monitoring 

A crisis requires quick thinking, sound judgement and decisive action. 

In a crisis, every minute matters, and media monitoring and analytics provide critical insights to guide your strategic response. 

Media coverage and social media response can dramatically shift the public perception of your brand and company during a crisis. Tracking the unrestricted sentiment around an issue, monitoring the volume of conversation, and tracing who is influencing perceptions are vital tools in a response strategy. 

This information, combined with the knowledge and experience brought by the Purple team, informs our communication response strategy and recommendations during a live issue or crisis, and allows us to provide post-crisis insights to guide recovery actions. 

Media Intelligence offers the most value over a 12-month engagement. But we recognise clients may need a monitoring and data intelligence service for a shorter period of time in response to issues and crisis. Our crisis monitoring service provides media oversight during a crisis with data reports and insights twice a day throughout the critical period. 


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