Purple is a leader in corporate Linkedin training. At a time when trust in executives and corporate brands is at an all-time low, effective management of personal and corporate social media is a key tool to improve confidence in a brand and engage stakeholders. Smart use of social channels can demonstrate transparency and ensure your senior team members are seen as leaders in their field.

Building Personal Brand

For most professionals, Linkedin is the key social media platform for building personal brand, generating leads and business, and for being seen as a leader with specialty knowledge. But very few people use it in an effective or optimised way.

Purple is well known for providing Linkedin marketing training. Our half-day workshop is a vital resource for anyone working in businesses which require, or already have, a social media presence, who engage with or report to a board, or who are looking to improve their public positioning on social channels.

Practical Linkedin Marketing Workshop

This is a hands-on, practical Linkedin marketing workshop with attendees encouraged to bring their laptop to make real-time improvements to their Linkedin profiles, optimise their content and investigate the various methods of content posting and sharing on the platform.

This session ensures attendees gain a full understanding of the role of Linkedin in the wider social media context. But it’s more than just theoretical. Attendees learn how to complete and optimise their profiles helping them understand how best to promote their personal brand on the platform.

Our corporate Linkedin training modules can also help you better manage your company profiles, giving you the tools to develop your own social media content plans which work on Linkedin.


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