The Bench: Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC

Peter Klinger 20 Jun 2018
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From front bench to park bench, party rooms to the great outdoors, The Bench sees our politicians take a break from debating policy and the state of our nation to enjoy a park-side chat with Purple’s director of media strategy, Peter Klinger.

These interviews add a breath of fresh air to all things politics, providing a unique insight into the life and times of our elected representatives.

With discussion topics ranging from electorate issues to sport and everything in between, The Bench presents a candid, light-hearted series bound to inform, engage and entertain.


Amazon/Corporate Tax

Amazon has been forced to pay GST by the Australian Government for online sales. Aaron Stonehouse MLC thinks this is the wrong approach, and he explains his point of view.
Early Life

Aaron Stonehouse MLC runs through his life before politics and his introduction to libertarianism.

Election Night

Aaron Stonehouse MLC spent his election night doing something you might not expect. Hear him explain what he was up to.


Aaron Stonehouse MLC outlines the political belief of libertarians, where government is as small as possible and “unimportant” services like libraries and art galleries are user pays.


Aaron Stonehouse MLC believes that many of the State’s assets should be privatised. Hear him run through which assets should be sold as a priority.

Word Association

In our “fast and furious” 30 seconds of word association, Aaron Stonehouse MLC describes various politicians as “hip”, “smart”, and “grumpy, old and bald”. Reckon you can guess who he’s talking about?

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Peter has extensive media experience across all industry sectors and well-developed media relationships across Australia. A highly-skilled communicator and communications strategist, Peter has a proven track record of devising communication strategies and writing high-quality reports, thought leadership pieces and mission/values statements. In the past year, Peter has devised communication strategies for $1 billion worth of corporate transactions involving ASX-listed companies.

Peter boasts more than 20 years’ experience in daily financial journalism, accrued across titles including The West Australian, The Times (London) and Australian Financial Review.

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