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Australian Gas Infrastructure Group

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Purple AGIG case study

How we helped get the attention of government and meet deadlines

The Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) is a national gas network that owns 33,764km of natural gas pipelines throughout Australia. In early 2018, it won a contract to construct the Tanami Gas Pipeline by early 2019. To deliver on this timeframe, AGIG needed to navigate the complex network of approvals required by both the Northern Territory and Federal Governments.

What was our challenge

The Tanami Pipeline route runs for 440km from Alice Springs to the Tanami Mine and will allow conversion of the mines power generation from diesel to gas which provides a more reliable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

To meet construction deadlines, AGIG needed help to gain a significant number of approvals from the Northern Territory and Federal Governments and native title owners.

Purple was challenged with driving the approval processes to meet the strict timeframe. AGIG faced heavy penalties for project delays and therefore required Purple’s assistance to minimise this exposure.

Purple AGIG case study

Our approach

Purple used our understanding of regulatory processes and government policy priorities, existing and new relationships and project management skills to assist AGIG to gain the necessary approvals in a timely manner.

AGIG’s deadline was tight, and each of day delay risked incurring a significant penalty. We led a delegation of AGIG representatives to meet with key Federal and Northern Territory Government officials and Ministers. With a detailed understanding of the project and the benefits it would bring, we were able to highlight the value of the pipeline for the mine and for the future gas needs of the region along with the jobs that would be created. Through active consultation, we were able to get key stakeholders on board with the project.

Our results

By building relationships, we secured the future of the project.

By demonstrating our understanding of government processes, relationship building skills, flexibility and our capacity to roll with the punches, we were able to help AGIG navigate the complicated web of approvals required while minimising penalty payments. AGIG has now begun the construction phase of the project and the Tanami Mine can expect to have gas by March 2019.

AGIG completed the construction phase of the project and the Tanami Mine now has gas.


Keys to success

Approvals granted

All approvals were received in a timely way reducing risk for AGIG

Pipeline construction commenced

AGIG able to commence construction and meet contractual obligations

Stronger relationships

AGIG has a new and stronger network with the Northern Territory government

Purple AGIG case study
Purple AGIG case study