Dan Wilkie

Dan is an accomplished journalist, editor and content creator with more than 12 years of experience in financial media.

In addition to holding several senior roles in the Business News editorial team, Dan was responsible for launching Australia China Business Review and was most recently editor-in-chief at Australian Property Investor.

Dan has a strong eye for detail and an exceptional ability to succinctly and accurately craft high-quality content tailored for a client’s needs across a wide range of industries.

Outside of work, Dan is an island enthusiast with a penchant for the South Pacific, and in the cooler months can often be found roaming the forests of Jarrahdale with his young family.



Roger Cook and Rita Saffiotti prior to the Budget launch

WA State Budget snapshot

Moderating economic growth is set to shrink Western Australia's future Budget surpluses, with 2024-25 spending focused on alleviating cost-of-living pressures, boosting housing affordability and creating jobs.