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Cameron Wong 21 Jul 2021
3 mins

The benefits of content marketing are well documented. It enables brands to break through the noise and connect with their target audience by providing information and experience that adds value. 

Developing quality content is time consuming, therefore it makes sense to get the greatest mileage possible from your content investment. 

What is content stacking?

At its heart, content stacking is about taking a chunky piece of content like a blog post, video, interview or presentation and splitting this down into snackable, bite-size pieces of information.  

For example, an original long-form video you spent time and effort producing is well suited to Youtube, but with some quick edits and resizing, this video is now a Facebook story, a static image with quotes from your original piece of content, a LinkedIn post, and a data visualisation.

Going further, the audio from the video interview could be edited to form the basis of a podcast and syndicated via platforms like Sound Cloud, Apple Music and Spotify – further amplifying your content reach and expanding into platforms you may not have considered.  

Let’s look at a real-world client example of how we have maximised their content investment.  

Content stacking for Hyzon Motors

Hyzon is a global supplier of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, including heavy duty trucks and buses. Hyzon approached Purple last year to totally reimagine and relaunch its corporate image and website, and to create messaging for trade and investment audiences. A key aspect of executing this strategy was building online audiences and increasing Hyzon’s social media footprint from a baseline of zero.

Content stacking has been crucial to loading Hyzon’s social media pipeline, ensuring a steady stream of content is available.

Press releases, earned media announcements, investor presentations and interviews were all identified as valuable content. Take this investor presentation for example. On the surface, it’s a dense 56-page informational document, but beyond that, it’s a valuable piece of content that can be harvested and disseminated across Hyzon’s social channels and website. 

Purple’s Design and Digital team spun this document into 28 individual pieces of content for Hyzon’s social media channels and website. See an example of the evolution from the document to the content stack below. 

The results

Our content stack approach helped grow the Hyzon social media activity and generate more than a million organic social media impressions ahead of a major transformation – a listing on the NASDAQ. Read about this journey here


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