The technology driving the mining, resources and defence industries in WA  

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Staff Writer 23 Jun 2021
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The usual hi-vis and red dust was swapped for robotics, artificial intelligence and automation at yesterday’s Resources Technology Showcase 

The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre came alive as the world’s biggest resources companies showcased the incredible technology driving the mining, resources and defence industries in WA.  

Innovation plays a critical role in these industries as a tool to enhance productivity, to meet increasing environmental and health concerns, and to heighten safety. 

Technology helping to mitigate risk and ensure safety  

Addressing safety concerns has been a major driver for innovation.  

Focus has been put on removing workers from dangerous activities through the automation of processes and the use of autonomous and remote-controlled equipment.  

On display at the Resources Technology Showcase was the Australian Defence Force’s new bomb-disposal robot designed by THALES. 

Australian Defence Force’s new bomb-disposal robot

Designed to go where humans fear to tread, this bomb-disposal robot has been designed to safely disable explosives.  

Bomb-disposal robots have been around for more than 50 years, but new applications such as the one displayed at the Resources Technology Showcase have undergone dramatic transformation using virtual reality and advanced sensory feedback.  

Using leading technology to solve the world’s biggest medical mysteries 

The Roy Hill Community Foundation, in partnership with Perth’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, showcased their ground-breaking medical initiative, Pilbara Faces, designed to help solve a number of medical mysteries involving rare diseases in Aboriginal children through 3D facial imaging.  

Roy Hill Community Foundation demonstrating the CliniFace platform 

The CliniFace platform was developed, using advanced algorithms to detect genetic facial clues, as well as provide a more accurate diagnosis of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in children. 

The technology enables quicker and less invasive diagnoses for families, giving insights into complex disorders that were previously undiagnosable. 

So far, more than 450 faces have been analysed from a range of local schools and communities in the Pilbara. 

The technology enables quicker and less invasive diagnoses (Photo:

Satellite technology supporting exciting new space robotics projects 

The world’s leading provider of geo-intelligence, Fugro, showcased its satellite technology.  

Fugro has recently partnered with the Australian Space Agency to design, build and operate the Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) in WA. This will support many exciting new space robotics projects, including NASA’s return to the moon, on-orbit service assembly and manufacturing, lunar surface operations and the support of gateways and space stations. 

The Resources Technology Showcase highlighted the incredible innovative solutions driving WA’s mining and resources sector, and is ensuring an increase in productivitysafety and health research.  

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