The Bench: Liza Harvey

It’s going to be a big next 12 months for Liza Harvey MLA, as the Opposition Leader and the WA Liberals gear up for a State Election to be held in mid-March 2021.

Purple 6 Mar 2020
2 mins
Liza Harvey on The Bench

It’s going to be a big 12 months for Liza Harvey MLA as the Opposition Leader and the WA Liberals gear up for a State Election to be held in March 2021.

Purple’s Director of Media Strategy Peter Klinger caught up with the Member for Scarborough to discuss a wide range of topics, including Scott Morrison’s victory in the “unwinnable election”, Donald Trump’s impact on modern politics, how her political beliefs were shaped, her unlikely entry into the Liberal Party and her love of fishing.

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Who is Liza Harvey?
Liza Harvey outlines a childhood spent living around WA, including time spent in the formative days of Karratha.

Family politics
Liza Harvey talks about her introduction to political debate and why it’s still an “alcohol-free” subject for her family.

Political takeoff
Liza Harvey reveals how working life at Qantas opened her eyes to the possibilities and opportunities offered by politics.

Joining the Liberals
Becoming a Liberal Party member was much easier than Liza Harvey expected – once she’d worked out how to do it!

Scott Morrison…and the “unwinnable election”
Liza discusses her admiration for the Prime Minister and why she believes voters sided with him in the 2019 Federal Election.

Donald Trump…and the search for decorum
Liza Harvey discusses the highs and lows (so far) of Donald Trump’s tenure as US President and what it says about global politics.

Modern politics
Liza Harvey believes current-day voters are searching for a statesperson – and they can be hard to find.

Hooked on fishing
Liza Harvey wasn’t a big fan of fishing in her childhood but it’s fair to say the hobby has now reeled her in.

My favourite place in WA
She’s lived in so many places around the State that it’s hard for Liza Harvey to pick just one favourite spot – but we persuaded her to give it a go!

Word Association
Liza Harvey takes on our famous Word Association Challenge, giving her thoughts on everything from Mark McGowan to Twitter and the West Coast Eagles.

The Bench with Liza Harvey – full interview
Why not watch the full interview with Liza Harvey?

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