Media monitoring has evolved to be so much more than a tool for tracking newspaper clippings. Social media monitoring in particular has become a focus point for any business seeking to understand how they are perceived in the market.

Purple’s IntelEcho media intelligence service is a vital solution for understanding the conversations about you, your business, your people, and your sector, across a variety of platforms, including social media.

Social media intelligence capabilities

Our media intelligence and social media clippings service, IntelEcho, allows us to monitor public social media mentions of your brand on popular platforms, helping you understand how you are perceived and seen in the market.

Social media clippings are then collated with mentions from other platforms like broadcast channels, newspapers and the internet, and delivered to you in a daily or weekly digest report. This format allows you to quickly see and understand where you’ve been mentioned, what’s been said and who’s said it.

We can also setup instant alerts to track “problem pages” helping you stay alert to growing issues or concerns before they become a full-blown social media crisis.

Analytics, sentiment and data insights

Social media sentiment monitoring is just one of the measurements available from our data insights and analytics dashboards. We can also take a deep dive into other data types which can help you build a better picture of your brand’s social media profile. Reach, engagement, locations and post frequencies can be examined holistically by our data experts and used to provide strategic guidance.

Our data insights from your social media clippings are presented in a clear and concise report, with the numbers and our recommendations presented side by side.

What social media monitoring can do for your business

Social media monitoring is critical for measuring the return on investment and measuring the impact of your social media activities.

Monitoring social media activity also allows you to understand what’s being said about your brand beyond the confines of the traditional, controlled media. Positive or negative, the insights to be gained from understanding social media activity should not be underestimated and can help direct your own decisions about where, when and what to post.

As a social media intelligence agency we are experienced in helping clients unlock the insight which sits behind their own social media data.


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