For most people, presenting or public speaking comes with enough stress that they really don’t need to be worrying about the quality of the supporting materials as well.

Purple has one of the most experienced PowerPoint designers in the state on its design team. With literally hundreds of Powerpoint presentation decks to our name, clients recognise the value we bring in making their messaging memorable through clean, modern and supporting presentation documents.

Our presentation and Powerpoints have powered investor and industry events, product launches and announcements, and increasingly, online webinars for clients who want to spice up their Zoom meetings.

Beautiful graphics, animations and templates

It’s not always what you see. Sometimes it’s what you don’t.

Most people’s instinct is to put much too much information on the screen of their presentations. We recognise that corporate and public presentations should support performance, not distract from it. Often it’s what we take out which makes a presentation design work, creating clean, modern slides, animating in an engaging way, to support your messaging rather than intrude upon it.

Powerpoint and Presentation Development

We begin by taking your style guide (or developing one if necessary) and building a Powerpoint template. This becomes a useful base for all future presentations, ensuring consistency of brand, and making your look and feel work for whoever is delivering the presentation. Then we triage the content, identifying the visual additions needed to clarify, add context, or improve the clarity of the message.

Finally, we apply subtle and beautiful animations and transitions, communicating a sense of refinement and polish in the supporting presentations which is designed to build confidence in the performance.


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