A website is the digital shop front of an organisation. It’s also the only digital asset you own entirely and can control completely. Anything less than a professional, convincing, effective and on-brand website will undermine confidence in your organisation. A poor website will also prompt questions about an organisation’s approach to its core business.

But when stakeholders encounter a well-thought-out, attractive and functional site, it can build confidence and conviction in an organisation.

It is critical that the digital heart of your company is a compelling and attractive corporate website, with robust architecture supporting an effective design.

It starts with deep understanding

It’s not unusual to assume a corporate website design process begins with the visuals. But at Purple, we begin by defining what a client’s goals are for the site. That understanding informs a strategic approach both to the design, as well as the build, and helps bake in success from the very start.

By considering the end goals of your website first, we can ensure an efficient build on strong foundations and ensure that the required functionality and design are included from the very beginning.

 A brand-led design

Our designers will use a style guide to inform the look and feel of a corporate website. We understand the need to keep elements on-brand and consistent in any modern communications activities.

Corporate website development and build

Some business website design agencies force clients to use them to make any changes to content. At Purple, we build on WordPress, and recognise the value we can bring to building capability within our clients’ teams so they can manage their own website content.

If you can use a word processing app, then you can make standard content changes in the back end of our websites. But we do this in such a way as to make the more strategic elements of website development, such as search engine optimisation, part of that process.

Pre-launch testing and debugging

Our websites are thoroughly tested to satisfy technical and user requirements, ironing out any issues before launch.

Purple will redirect previous websites, configure hosting requirements and provide any post-launch support necessary.

Business-focused website design

Purple’s team thinks beyond just technical execution. Our understanding of the wider digital context means your website is created to maximise search visibility and functionality.

The combination of these elements establishes a strong structure which will effectively communicate your corporate messaging for stakeholders.


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