We’re committed to providing an integrated and innovative approach to stakeholder engagement and community relations which evolves over the life of the project. The reputational risks associated with tokenism or tick-box engagement and the time and cost of getting it wrong, can have dramatic implications on your bottom line.

We have experience in supporting award-winning, large state funded infrastructure projects including the Charles Street Busway and Matagarup Bridge. We also provide short-term resourcing solutions during peak times and can provide support for the duration of multi-year projects.

Selecting the right engagement methods will significantly increase the likely success of your communications plan and how you are perceived by your community. Each method has its purpose and limitations. By using a set of integrated methods that work alongside each other, you stand the best chance of creating an inclusive and meaningful engagement process.

Find out more about our expertise and approach to engaging for infrastructure.

Our approach

Our approach to engaging for infrastructure uses both the reactive and process-driven functions necessary for good-quality project stakeholder engagement. But we also use a detailed program of proactive profiling opportunities which strengthen relationships and build a positive project profile. We helped the project team at Main Roads to deliver a bank of opportunities to assist the WA Government to regularly demonstrate project benefits and successful delivery milestones.

Stakeholder engagement positive project profile process chart

Stakeholder engagement positive project profile process chart



Our service offerings

Strategic guidance

As Perth’s only dedicated in-house consultancy stakeholder engagement team we provide immediate or ongoing insights at any stage of a project life cycle.

Your in-house team can draw from our experience and knowledge to build a leading-practice program that will build positive project profile. We can support your intensive project commencement and planning phases with strategic input from our senior team.

Project secondments (site-based resourcing)

We have a unique offering for project contractors to ensure they have access to the depth and breadth of our team’s knowledge and experience, while ensuring they meet resourcing requirements for the engagement and communication aspects of their projects.

We can provide a 1.0FTE site-based resource which will provide ongoing project support from soil turning to project handover.

Backfill and additional resourcing

Our team can provide back-fill or additional resourcing support to give you the flexibility to managing the peaks and plateaus of delivering an infrastructure project, ensuring project resourcing is one less thing you have to worry about. Our team is trained in Government systems and processes meaning we can step into a project role with ease and with minimal briefing.

Crisis and issues management

Infrastructure projects can encounter unique challenges throughout their development. Activists, delays, or worksite incidents can all attract negative attention which can quickly escalate into a crisis.

Our team is experienced in crisis and issues management for infrastructure projects and other corporate clients. We can quickly activate our full team of more than 40 consultants to respond to the situation, giving you expertise and experience across media, stakeholder, government and investor management, supporter with experts in social and digital media help effectively manage your response.


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